Who are we?

Where did we come from?

Where are we going?

These questions are not new, but also are not satisfyingly answered yet. In this blog, my friend John Fentum and I -Hazza Alkaabi- will present what we find fascinating in our universe. These topics will range from astronomy and cosmology to engineering and computer science. Through this blog, we hope to share our interest in these diverse topics and learn more about the infinitely complex universe we exist in.

  • Hazza Alkaabi

Space, the final frontier. Infinite and expanding with secrets which are sewn into the fabric of existence just waiting to be uncovered. Unraveling the mysteries of our universe is a complex process that draws from every field of science. This blog is dedicated to chronicling our search for a deeper understanding of the forces that shape the universe around us. It will explore topics related to astronomy and cosmology as well as the engineering behind the tools used in these fields.

  • John Fentum

Welcome to Stellar Mass.


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